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2020 ORAFCS Awards Information:

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Past Recipients: 

2018 Award Recipients


Sheila Lenker

Teacher of the Year: Sheila Lenker (center)

Kelsey Hibbert

Professional of the Year: Kelsey Hibbert 

Melissa Whiteman

ORAFCS Community Service Award: Melissa Whiteman, ABC House

Joseph Vanek

Student Leadership Award & Scholarship:Joseph Vanek

Shea Looper

Student Leadership Award & Scholarship: Shea Looper



Congratulations to our 2015 Award Recipients!


Kelsey Hibbert Kelly Purdy

Teacher of the Year Kelly Purdee with President Elect Kelsey Hibbert

Hillary Campbell

Grant Awardee Hillary Campbell, South Albany High School

Teresa Avery

Grant Awardee: Teresa Avery Claggett Creek Middle School



From our recent awardee, Teresa Avery:

Dear Members of the Oregon Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Council and Grant Committee,

babies grant

Thank you so very much for enabling me and my students to be the recipients of the Oregon Association of Family and Consumer Sciences grant. This grant has enabled my program to create diversity in selection of computerized babies for the hands-on experience my students receive in the 

Understanding Children course. This grant fits with our school district goal for Equity (eliminate all barriers to student equity regardless of disability, ethnicity, race, gender, language, socio-economic status and sexual orientation). This grant enables students to have a broader selection of diverse gender and races for their application of the curriculum.In the attached photo are the babies which were purchased with the grant.

Sincerely, Teresa AveryWith many thanks for supporting Family and Consumer Science teachers and programs, and especially adding diversity to the Family and Consumer Science program at Alder Creek Middle School.




2014 Awards


Teacher of the Year: Lora Wells

Lora works at Westview High in Beaverton. Over the years she built the FACS program at Westview High. The foods classes are so popular, they had to add additional staff to pick-up some of the foods classes. There are 2,400 students in the school, and 1,200 have requested her class! She is also currently Department Chair for the CTE (Career Technical Education) teachers at Westview. She also serves on the Advisory Board for CTE with Portland Community College which helps coordinate articulation for all CTE teachers in the Portland Metro area.

Professional of the Year: Pam Bene

Pam was a Family and Consumer Science teacher at South Albany High School. She has always had a passion for teaching FACS with a focus on child development. She has been a mentor to student teachers every year along with serving on the TFACS and now ORAFC board for many years.

Distinguished Service Award: Hillary Campbell

Hillary has been working in the filed of FACS for many years. She resides in Junction City and has just accepted a job at South Albany High School. Hillary’s service to children of our military men and women is exemplary.

ORAFCS Student Leadership: Natalie Marshall

Natalie has served the student chapter for two years now. She is the 2013 Awards chapter treasurer and helped raise money to take five students to AAFCS national conference. She is graduating in 2015 and looks forward to a career teaching FACS.

2013 Awards

Teacher of the Year: Rosalind Robbins

Rosalind retired this year from North Albany High School. She has been an active member of her professional organization and worked with at-risk teens in her community. Rosalind continues to promote the ideals of Family and Consumer Studies into her retirement.

Professional of the Year: Colleen Mileham

Colleen was awarded for her significant contributions to ORAFCS in the past decade. Colleen resigned from her position as Assistant Superintendent for ODE in August 2012. In the various positions Colleen has held in the past three decades, she has been a very effective advocate for the profession of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Distinguished Service Award: Betty Miner

Betty has contributed to the international group of AAFCS and has worked diligently for AAFCS to connect with people across the world.

ORAFCS Student Leadership: Keith Nishida

Keith is a PhD Student at Oregon State University in Design and Human Environment. He has demonstrated an outstanding leadership while completing his graduate studies. Last year he was a speaker at the ORAFCS conference on social media in the classroom.